A week of Pools

Here at Sydney Family Homes we take in the necessity of the backyard pool.  Essential for tiring out primary school kids by playing ‘Marco Polo’ or ‘Shark’ for hours or paying them to scoop out the leaves only for them to abandon the pool as ‘uncool’ in later high school.

We are outraged at the number of pools without fencing and glad there is finally a system in place to at least acknowledge that a pool should have a fence.

As summer approaches we look longingly at other people’s pools and question if the style of a pool attracts or distracts from the purchase of a house… let’s explore.

cronulla pool out

1 Orient Place, Cronulla.  Is is blue or green? Maybe the officials from Rio were tampering with the colour either way a tropical kidney shape with cascading rock waterfall and palm trees make this already sweet house even better.

pool cronulla

geo pool roseville

25 Amarma Parade, Roseville.   I don’t understand this pool.  Is it ironic?  Is it a certain shape from a drone?    Its the awkward relative that lives with you if you bought this otherwise stunning 1930’s Art Deco house.


Two pools have floored me this week.

This one in in Dover Heights.    Totes resort on the mountain top.  I could chant Om’s that would richochet off the heads.

Pool Dover heights

But The Pool of the Week goes to

Bayview.  Also on a hillside but with dolphins.  They are great for hanging towels off.

Bayview Pool

The house and the pool are  “one”




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