Mosman – It’s hard to be Modern

Everyone wants you if you are Federation

5 St Elmo Street, Mosman


Pretty, isn’t it.   Strange paintings on the dining rooms wall but one can get a decorator or is that an ‘interior stylist’ now?


It must be hard being Mid-Century in Mosman.  Just not fitting in like everyone else.

There are two mid-century modern homes in Mosman listed for sale.  Both have sales blurbs stressing the value of ‘upgrading’, ‘potential to develop’ and ‘renovate and capitalise’.

1A Methuan Mosman – Domain range over $2M *


The house is nothing inside.  After 50 years of living in the same house I would be exhausted too.   Yes, it is a blank canvas but don’t assume I don’t like the house to start with.  There are so much assumptions in sales pitches with agents that all these old houses are there just to be rebuilt from scratch.


17a Awaba St Mosman – Domain range $2.25 to $2.5M


Photography of this house is from the ‘can’t be stuffed’ agency.   Either they don’t want to sell (forced to sell or someone’s miffed at the settlement of the will) for some reason no-one is following orders in the ‘how-to-sell’ brochure.

The blurb is trying so hard to make you forget about the actual house.  Because ‘it’s not worthy of  the location’.

Already taking in water glimpses, this quaint bungalow, positioned on level land, presents an opportunity for building up or redevelopment to further the views and create a home which is worthy of the location.


They could have mentioned the stupendous extractor  – or


The room of nothing except furniture backed up against the wall – or


The well-maintained brown tile patio.  The grout has been cleaned very well with a gurney.


These modern houses are just uncomfortable in Mosman, like a pair of acid wash denim or trinkets from Bali, they are just ‘not-very-Mosman’.    Here at Sydney Family Homes we know that Mid-Century Modern is a trend about to become hip again, maybe even in Mosman, so get in there and show Mosman what she is missing out on.

* Domain range = Although no dollar price is indicated a price range can be found by using the ‘Price’ in the filtering system.  Agents have to enter a guide price range when listing a property.

All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

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