I love real estate

I love looking at houses, I read the Domain section of the paper first. I fantasize about the perfect house and I can’t leave my beloved Sydney.  With two small children my ideal home is a suburban resort with enough space to ignore the children and close to a train station.

I’ve lived North, East and currently South.  I think there are untapped pockets all over Sydney that by either snobbery or fear or time we don’t know about.

This site is focused just on family homes (not apartments) with an interesting edge be it architectural, heritage or just plain good design.

My absolute ideal is north facing home, full brick, lawns to play, a pool, 4 bedrooms and near a train station.   I love a good architectural home with some potential to update.

What I do

There are over 700 suburbs in Sydney and finding the right house is very hard and time consuming.   I may be able to help.
I review homes for sale; but only ones which I think are either interesting, well priced, have potential and right for families. I am suburb agnostic, in that there are some great suburbs around Sydney which are ignored or under appreciated.
So sign-up to my email list to receive weekly updates on family homes.

Are you an estate agent?

Send me something ! If you have something good on your books send me some images or a link. Due to time constraints, also known as pre-schoolers, I can’t visit each home but I will have a great time making comments.

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