Middle Cove – So Awesome


Presenting 15 The Quarterdeck, Middle Cove (near Castlecrag)

For Sale with a guide price of $3.5M via Richardson & Wrench.


The house is above the normal budget of SFH, being under $2.5M, but this listing deserves a mention,  along with a bit of history.

Nearby Castlecrag, the suburb designed by Walter Burley Griffin & Marion Mahony, is chock full of architectural homes dating back to the beginning of the suburb in 1925 (a suburb started by designers and architects?  that sounds like a utopia)

Walter & Marion’s colleague and eventual trustee of his practice notes was Eric Nicholls, who house is at No. 12 The Parapet, Castlecrag.  His son, Glynn, also an architect,  designed and built this house as his family home.   I noted the Rudolf Steiner school is nearby, which Glynn Nicholls, inspired by his father, Walter and Marion, founded in 1957.

Enough of the history, time to perve around.


Love the lawn, although the cricket balls and soccer balls would get lost in that dense bush.   Access to the water is through thick scrub.


Ideal North/ North East aspect


Pool fence freaks, like me, will squint and note there is a glass fence.


Excellent drone work here.     Tip – Google ‘9-11 The Quarterdeck’, the house with the hexagonal pool.

House has had two owners.  The current owners updated the house in 2000 using sympathetic designers.

Agent says he anticipates many black t-shirt middle aged males at the openings.   Reminds me of seeing Devo at the Ent Cent (RIP).  Black tees and Cone hats go well together.

Five Resort Homes


9 Tango Ave, Dee Why.   Guide $2.395M.  5 Beds,  heated pool, cabana, spa on 863sqm

Why leave the house?   Today’s post is focusing on the Home Resort.   The lifestyle of a holiday in your own home, minus the mini bar charges.   The features needed to qualify for a resort are large open lawned backyard, a pool, with optional spa, open living spaces with that flow to the outdoors, a few palm tress and play equipment for the kiddies.  Totes achievable for under the magic $2.5M mark that SFH likes to stick to, although one was a bit over.

First stop this modern with sandstone home in the Northern Beaches.

Here’s the resort bits.  According to details the pool is heated, we would ask how eco is that?  ideally solar panels.   There is an activity centre for each age group from pool, spa, slide, pink cubby house, trampoline and flat lawn for cricket.


31 Judith St Seaforth.   3 beds, pool, rockery, cubby house and lawns.  Guide $1.85-1.95M


Sea green in Seaforth.    Solar heated pool.  Eco-box checked with that information.   Here we have a sunny top deck doubling as a viewing platform down to children and wet area.     Upstairs is for glass wear and downstairs everything is plastic.   Lots of palms and greenery and somedays you can think you are in Port Douglas.  How nice.

House only has 3 bedrooms but many living areas so invest in good bunks beds.


 63 Ku-Ring-Gai Avenue, Turramurra

The Culture resort.   Read a book, mix a martini, have an non-energetic swim between edits of the manuscript and then relax and take in the manicured nature of this park-like home.   It’s one of the best streets in the ‘Murra and not a gargantuan federation pile.


The garden and patios areas long for quiet soirees to support local issues or host musical events for the talented offspring.

Let’s enjoy some more outdoor shots.

The inside betrays its mid-century heritage with split-levels and timber panels.  Fear not it has been tastefully updated, all except that red kitchen.

Land size is huge, 1524 sqm, so the guide price is higher at $3M.  Auction on October 8th.

556 Warringah Road, Forestville.  4 Beds, pool, swing,  a few palm trees and an elegant amount of grey & white paint.  Guide $1.5M.

Forestville pool.jpg

Accept that the house is of a high standard and only consider spending on any sound-proofing as its located on a main road.


Garage (to the right) takes up much of the backyard. Consider turning this into a cabana or teenager’s retreat and install a car port.

Looks like solar panels for the pool on the roof.

Elegant, clean, white, up to date interiors.   Now that Forestville is on the top of the ‘family friendly’ list you may have to fight even for a main road house.

Final house in this series has just come on the market


404A Mona Vale Road, St Ives.   5 Beds, pool, lots of white and lots of rocks. Guide is $2.5M

Ignore the main road address this compound is set well back from the road.


This is another mid-century home gutted and given the ‘white treatment’  however with the proliferation of blue, brown and white rocks and pebbles it could work as a summer house for The Stark family .

Inside is white themed.   White pets only allowed.

The entrance & the outside has that stoney gravity.

Quite a distinctive style this house.   From an interior point of view you could easily inject colour inside without much trouble… maybe a bit more medieval with a few fox rugs ?

So there are Five Resort style homes for sale or auction this month.  They tend to be on the higher end of the SFH budget of $2.5M, mostly due to land size, although Seaforth and Forestville are good value.


All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 


The South – but not as you know it

Go to The South often?   Like deep Shire South?  It’s like the North, in fact, its very like the North but much cheaper.  Waterways, creeks, bush, beaches and even train stations.

Last school holidays I discovered Hazelehurst Gallery in Gymea.   A combination of bequeathed art gallery, playground, hip cafe and craft group or as the recent SMH review called it ‘A garden party in Gymea’.     Culture, regional arty culture, does exist and so do some affordable interesting family homes.

30 Ruby Road, Gymea.  Auction.  Domain range to $1M *

Waterfront and waterview homes are more expensive, naturally, but this mid-century home is well located to the preschool and public school (like across the fence).


Not the most exciting house.  Plain mid-century and small.   This is posted here as an example of what people ignore.   A plain house that is ‘out of fashion’ can be the best entry to a tough market.   There are now design firms that specialise in helping modernise a mid-century home,  Secret Design Studio, offers a ‘Dr Retro House’ service.  Although based in Melbourne, the demand for consultations has prompted a new office in Sydney.

Here is the google location showing park on the south side and Primary school to the west.   Home is located in a cul-de-sac.


Nothing to Do – 65 Forest Road Miranda.    For Sale.  Domain range to $1.4M

5 bedrooms, 3 balconies and a spa.   Close to shops, schools and a Westfield there is nothing to do in this house.  In another part of Sydney this house would be way more than $1.4.


If you want more in Miranda you could try this palm-tree-laden confusion at 63 Matson Crescent  – price estimate is $1.9- $2.1M


12 Glen Road Oatley.   Auction guide $1.6-1.7M.   A new home with a MCM (mid-century modern) influence I only have one objection.  The two car garage could be brought forward to a car-port and a more living space could be added.  Otherwise Oatley has one of the best family parks in Sydney


The Best for lusty last.

14 Boronia Parade, Lugarno.  Designed by Ancher, Mortlock & Murray in the early 1960s, the leading image was of the water view, which is spectacular, but avoided any sense of a superb house behind it.

14 Boronia P Lugarno view

Hello House.

14 Boronia P Lugarno

Built in the early 1960s this formed part of the early ‘Sydney School’ style of architecture.  If this house was in Castlecrag or Northbridge it would be over $3M.   Here in Lugarno the auction guide is $1.8 plus.

14 Boronia P Lugarno Stair

14 Boronia P Lugarno Lounge

14 Boronia P lugarno Pool

14 Boronia P Lugarno plans


For Auction with price range of $1.8-$1.9M.  I’m off to buy my lotto ticket for this one.

* Domain range = Although no dollar price is indicated a price range can be found by using the ‘Price’ in the filtering system.  Agents have to enter a guide price range when listing a property.


All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

Hunters Hill – Ceiling Love


66 Barons Crescent, Hunters Hill.  For Sale via Mc Grath guide $2,000,000

Can’t stop staring at the Ceilings.

I’m a complete convert to this mid-century modern house thing.   With small kids running through the house and bumping into doors and furniture a MCM house has less chance of them crashing into a wall or door because there are less walls.

Over to this house in Hunters Hill.  There are two sides to HH, the peninsular bit and the other side.   This the cheaper side but you still get the Hunters Hill postcode.   The Hill is known for grand sandstone mansions and waterside homes, a MCM house, like this is probably ignored, and that’s a good thing for a wise buyer like you.  Agent says a local family had it built in the 70s.

The house has been rented and has been staged for selling which is another advantage for two reasons.   If you need to re-paint, update or renovate anything before moving in you won’t have issues with access to the property because of current owners or tenants.   Secondly, most of this house has been left blank.  Apart from the ceilings, the character and style of the original house has been stripped out.  Get in a good designer, one sympathetic to this style and give some style back.


What’s missing here is greenery.  The view outside to the pool finishes with an ugly fence. Get in a gardener and start discussing greening it up.


Kitchen in a box.  Keep the stove.


Flagstones.  Sorry temporarily distracted.  The view back into these two living areas is perfect for summer family life.  I can see what those kids are up to just by sitting here al fresco with my prosecco.



The shade cloth is probably a great idea but plan on updating to a permanent structure or a retractable system.

More greenery needed.


Hello pool fence.  North facing backyard so lots of sun on the pool.  Would suggest a shaded area or a Basil Bangs beach umbrella ?


I don’t need a street frontage to impress other people.  Fence it and live behind it.  More room for living.

Floor plan shows bedrooms placed on either side of the house.  Keep the child with worst nightmares or bedwetting problem close to the main room and guest or others on the other side.


66 Barons

Location map.  House is on edge of Lane Cove River and the river version of the Bondi to Bronte walk.   Schools nearby include Hunters Hills High so you can choose a state school if you are inclined.


All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

A week of Pools

Here at Sydney Family Homes we take in the necessity of the backyard pool.  Essential for tiring out primary school kids by playing ‘Marco Polo’ or ‘Shark’ for hours or paying them to scoop out the leaves only for them to abandon the pool as ‘uncool’ in later high school.

We are outraged at the number of pools without fencing and glad there is finally a system in place to at least acknowledge that a pool should have a fence.

As summer approaches we look longingly at other people’s pools and question if the style of a pool attracts or distracts from the purchase of a house… let’s explore.

cronulla pool out

1 Orient Place, Cronulla.  Is is blue or green? Maybe the officials from Rio were tampering with the colour either way a tropical kidney shape with cascading rock waterfall and palm trees make this already sweet house even better.

pool cronulla

geo pool roseville

25 Amarma Parade, Roseville.   I don’t understand this pool.  Is it ironic?  Is it a certain shape from a drone?    Its the awkward relative that lives with you if you bought this otherwise stunning 1930’s Art Deco house.


Two pools have floored me this week.

This one in in Dover Heights.    Totes resort on the mountain top.  I could chant Om’s that would richochet off the heads.

Pool Dover heights

But The Pool of the Week goes to

Bayview.  Also on a hillside but with dolphins.  They are great for hanging towels off.

Bayview Pool

The house and the pool are  “one”