Three Homes for Inner City Families

Erskineville, 33 Eve –  Family Starter pack


Tucked in behind Sydney Park, is this  3 bed cottage set on one and a half levels.  Already set up for a family life it would be great for the first child but move out by the second.  The area is teaming with shiny prams, dogs and excellent childcare.

Darlinghurst, 172 Bourke –  Magic door of calm


Behind this micro looking terrace set on the lower end of Bourke St is delightful surprise of a family home.    All the colours are calm, the bookshelves are plentiful and the light is coming in the right places.   It seems amazing to find so many rooms in what appears to be a small home.  There are three levels, so send the kids upstairs and you can relax with a book in the front parlour.

The sunlit back area and open kitchen has a cute playroom tucked around the corner.   The only improvement would be a mural or chalkboard wall outside the kitchen as its too plain.

Family factor.  Already set up for a family.  There is an excellent preschool nearby,  you could join both the Australian Museum and Cook & Phillip pool.    For last minute meals, reasonable Italian eats are in Stanley Street.

Newtown, 49 Gowrie – Formidable


I never thought to seek out a french industrial inspired terrace but here it is. The level of detail is like a fabulous film set from walkways, copper plumbing, internal trees, moroccan tiles to an actual swing.    It’s a great life for a creative childhood.  I would ask how many of the fittings are included. You would want the kitchen table as the tiles are featured throughout the house.    Excellent for parents who still like a night out at the Enmore.

All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

Turella – Where ? Think Ikea Land


8 Goddard St, Turella.   so, yeah, where is Turella?  Well it has a train station, is 10 kms from the CBD,  5 minutes from Ikea Tempe and 10 minutes to the airport.  This house is priced at $1.4M which is on the high side for Turella.  Average price is about $1.1M.    The last house that made an impact was this one for just under $1M.

For those priced out of Marrickville and Tempe (insane but yes) Turella is across the Cooks River and with surprisingly better access to roads and much less airport noise due to flight paths.  Rave over – lets just take in this glory box of a house.


I’m fascinated by the current owners art collection.  This is the best natural styling I have seen and strangely closely resembles the artistic clutter of a family home but with more plastic.


Kitchen is perfect for families.  You can gather here and do homework and all sit around on screens.



This has parent’s retreat all over it.


Everything old except new bathroom.  Big Tick.


Happy family verandah.  Notice the canoes stored?  Down the road is the Cooks River with its own canoe club.   I vote to lie on the day bed and supervise the kids playing.

Family Factor.  Single level always works for small children.  A large open kitchen/ lounge and access to safe outdoor space is also perfect.  Three well sized bedrooms and north facing backyard, large trees and this house is rambling childhood perfection.


Turella map

All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 


Ashfield – Watch This Suburb


Address: 70 Church St, Ashfield  –  Zone: Inner West

Federation, renovated, 3 bedrooms, outside studio, pool.   For Auction around $1.5M.   For one million more you could live in this similar house in Waverley.

So why is Ashfield taking off?

Quite simply, when one area becomes too expensive, buyers push to the next closest area.  Ashfield has all the access to the bays, parks and water areas of Haberfield and Five Dock.   Added to this is access to either City Rail or Light Rail.

The schools are good.  Santa Sabina for the girls and Trinity Grammar – school of the SuperWogs – for the boys.

When this warehouse conversion was featured in Domain; Ashfield became a wise choice as it is surrounded by other more expensive suburbs.









Click on the address link at the top for the auction and agent information.

Blacktown – The Unexpected

2 Girra Road, Blacktown.   Totally unexpected to see this classy, well-kept modern but modest home in Blacktown.  Are we stepping back in time to an era of affordability?   The cottage, the lawn, the trees, this is just so adorable.

Checking Google satellite the neighbours have a pool, in fact, several do so take that box of cupcakes round to meet everyone.








For a small space it offers a lot.  3 Bedrooms, sitting room (or media room) a linen cupboard, a separate studio and outside toilet and a generous car port (could fit a tarago).  Just shows you a small house can achieve much.

Click the address link to connect with the original listing on Domain for more information.



Waverley – Old Face New Body


16 Langlee Ave, Waverley .  That’s it Sydney property buyers.  It will take a minimum of $2.5M to buy this cute but tiny house in Waverley.   The property market in Sydney is nuts, ridic, hilarious or just simply depressing.  Signs are the market is about to explode again. House are being sold before Auction and there is a black market for properties that never reach the illustrious pages of the Wenty.

Fatigue sets in about now so I’m here to help. Apart from a dated kitchen which a splash of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint will fix, the house is ready to go.  The backyard faces north, the house is painted that fashionable grey colour (although only the facade, guys you could have painted the sides).  The garage is like a cupcake.. so take a long tape measure and see if the Jeep fits in.  Bonus playroom in the attic and home office outside.



The so-called ‘formal’ rooms are simply furnished and look more usable than normal.


Brilliant choice of window and door frames.  The industrial look frames are loft style and not simply a concertina fold back look.


There’s a home office/ study lurking in the back yard.  I advise looking at the google satellite maps closely.  There is an apartment building at the rear.


Sleigh beds make me feel sorry for the removalists.


The kitchen is the only room with a high need for renovation.  The cheap option is to paint the cupboards and replace the door knobs. Expensive option is to gut and redo and get a better flow to the adjoining family room.


Lounge room is now a TV room.  A practical use of an otherwise ‘formal’ room.


Hurlstone Park – Happy Boxes


13 Floss St Hurlstone Park  NSW 2193

Well, this is unexpected.  An older cottage has been blown up by colour at the back.  Hurlstone  Park has a train station and is one stop away from Dulwich Hill, the cool inner west suburb.

With 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and slightly close to the train lines this innovative cottage could be in the $1M mark.  Cheap for Sydney.

I like the balance between the new and old sections although I would calm the contrast down a little.

In all if this house was in any other part of Sydney it would be twice the price.  Maybe buy it and move it?









Cammeray – 80s Geo Shapes


Huey Lewis and the News is blaring out of the B&O music system, the cell phone rings and it’s my stock broker telling me Quintex is tanking, I take a swig of Corona beer and think of my next holiday in Port Douglas, I’ll be flying Ansett this time and using their Golden Wing Club lounge. Left my diners club card there last time after buying some art works.’

You can feel the lure of new technology and the influence of Memphis style in this 80’s 3 bed home, offered for the first time since its last sale in 1991 (for $345,000).   4 Carter St, Cammeray.  It appears to have been rented out for much of the time and this update along with all white styled furniture allows the great backdrop of carved Sydney rock to look like a tropical hothouse.  Its lush and cool and totally modern.

But let’s take off our 80’s love affair glasses and really look at this property.


Open plan, lofts, mezzanines and the bedrooms are all downstairs .  Those windows to the left are facing north.


I like the separate kitchen.  It takes cooking noises and smells away from the relaxing areas.



As mentioned all three bedrooms are downstairs.  Stylist Megan Morton suggests rooms with a minimum width of 4 metres can take a King Sized bed.  This appears to be the main room and measures 3.3 x 5.1.  Tick for King Size.

How do you access those upper cupboards?


Top Floor/ Mezzanine/ Media room.  Has a ship feel crossed with a tree house.


I love a good photoshopped sky


Bit of part-time rock climbing ?

Great use of every inch of space as this house is tucked down a driveway and built into a rock enclosure.


In amongst all those federation homes, this is just beautifully simple.  A real pleasure to see this unusual modern house.   The grey colour is a perfect choice.

Now looking carefully, the car port to the right belongs to the front house (No 4a  Carter st).  The driveway is shared right up to this front door. (see the plans for 4A below).  This could be a problem but the clever design of the house means all the living is concealed from the driveway.


4A Carter Street, which is the house in front, sold in September 2104 for $1.615.  Here are the plans.  Note the cars at the back, this is the carport you can see in the above photo
4A carter
Google points out all the right places.  ‘About Life’  is nearby.  I wonder if they stock fresh turmeric?
Cammeray sat J
For Sale via Auction on Thursday August 25th. Estimate?  $1.4-5M
 *  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  All corrections and experiences of this house are welcome. Please comment below.

Bondi – You got me at the tiles


Presenting 311 Old South Head Road, BONDI.  3 Beds, two baths, one loft, no parking (will this be a deal breaker?) and amazing use of tiles.

Main road houses usually put one off, but with this clean looking semi-detached terrace, its actual entrance is behind on Simpson street so the living is oriented to this quiet street.

It is halfway to Bellevue Hill so not in the catchment for Bondi Public and its healthy living canteen (admired by sugarless loving Sarah Wilson).  Although check with the official school zone site and don’t take the pre-loaded website for an answer.

Panning out from the kitchen the high ceiling and loft come into view.  I can see ourselves dragging sand and scooters into the house while we make post-surf green smoothies.


Clear dining chairs are popular in small spaces. If you want more storage look into using the stair space.


This area faces Simpson street and north is too the left.  It really saves the awfulness of being on a main road.


Too distracted by another set of fab tiles to see the useful cupboard space.  Extra points for the ensuite.  This room does face the main road so look at the noise levels.


Cute, nice, clean.


Price range.   Changed from 1.6 – 1.65  to 1.7 over the last few days meaning it’s popular. Surprisingly it’s FOR SALE, not auction.

Link to old sales data

Liveability  Ranked 39 – 164 depending on which part of Bondi you inhabit.

Simpson J

I like a realistic photo especially taken on garbage night.



Turramurra – Surprise extras (SOLD)


Presenting – 57 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra (click address for link to Domain)

Major points for the entrance.  Well presented.  Watch you don’t reverse the car too much.
The Upper North Shore has a few elements unique to this part of the city, glorious bush views with multiple entertainment balconies and north facing as well.  One of the big tick boxes in real-estate is a north facing aspect.  Face all your family rooms this way and you’ll enjoy a warm and sunny home.


The lounge, kitchen, dining flow nicely.  It’s not a lofty open space but a nice balance with open and walled rooms.  Are we over the huge combined lounge/ dining/ kitchen?   Nice, clean kitchen – It would never look like this again if I lived here.


This BBQ balcony is the kinder surprise gift of this house.I love an unexpected element, something you would never put in yourself but love if it was mysteriously added, like in a renovation show.  A BBQ balcony with three wine fridges?  hello boozy parties at home.  Pick the herbs right next to the bbq and no dirty dishes come into the house courtesy of a sink and is that a dishwasher at the end ?  so thoughtful.


Normal looking lounge, but great outdoor views.  Good clean blinds.  Looks of well thought out elements in this home.  Has it been styled or are they stylish? I think the latter.


The loungey balcony.  Wonder how they keep the mozzies under control?  do they have one of those zapper things like at the kebab shop? Is that screen hiding something?  maybe the neighbours are too close.


More outdoor space.  This cabana is perfect, just missing a pool or spa.  It faces north and would be perfect in the cooler months for capturing sun. The pre-schooler will fall off the sides, actually I would fall off the side after a few drinky poos.  Did Kuringai council approve that ?


Bit of grass, always get us excited as the kids can play ‘rolling disease’ on it.  Superb almost uninterrupted wall of bush  All you need is the sound of currawongs and cockatoos and its bush in the city.   Must ask if bush burn-back is up to date, oh and if insurance covers bushfire.  

This is the best house of the week.

Do you know this house?  please leave some comments.