Five Resort Homes


9 Tango Ave, Dee Why.   Guide $2.395M.  5 Beds,  heated pool, cabana, spa on 863sqm

Why leave the house?   Today’s post is focusing on the Home Resort.   The lifestyle of a holiday in your own home, minus the mini bar charges.   The features needed to qualify for a resort are large open lawned backyard, a pool, with optional spa, open living spaces with that flow to the outdoors, a few palm tress and play equipment for the kiddies.  Totes achievable for under the magic $2.5M mark that SFH likes to stick to, although one was a bit over.

First stop this modern with sandstone home in the Northern Beaches.

Here’s the resort bits.  According to details the pool is heated, we would ask how eco is that?  ideally solar panels.   There is an activity centre for each age group from pool, spa, slide, pink cubby house, trampoline and flat lawn for cricket.


31 Judith St Seaforth.   3 beds, pool, rockery, cubby house and lawns.  Guide $1.85-1.95M


Sea green in Seaforth.    Solar heated pool.  Eco-box checked with that information.   Here we have a sunny top deck doubling as a viewing platform down to children and wet area.     Upstairs is for glass wear and downstairs everything is plastic.   Lots of palms and greenery and somedays you can think you are in Port Douglas.  How nice.

House only has 3 bedrooms but many living areas so invest in good bunks beds.


 63 Ku-Ring-Gai Avenue, Turramurra

The Culture resort.   Read a book, mix a martini, have an non-energetic swim between edits of the manuscript and then relax and take in the manicured nature of this park-like home.   It’s one of the best streets in the ‘Murra and not a gargantuan federation pile.


The garden and patios areas long for quiet soirees to support local issues or host musical events for the talented offspring.

Let’s enjoy some more outdoor shots.

The inside betrays its mid-century heritage with split-levels and timber panels.  Fear not it has been tastefully updated, all except that red kitchen.

Land size is huge, 1524 sqm, so the guide price is higher at $3M.  Auction on October 8th.

556 Warringah Road, Forestville.  4 Beds, pool, swing,  a few palm trees and an elegant amount of grey & white paint.  Guide $1.5M.

Forestville pool.jpg

Accept that the house is of a high standard and only consider spending on any sound-proofing as its located on a main road.


Garage (to the right) takes up much of the backyard. Consider turning this into a cabana or teenager’s retreat and install a car port.

Looks like solar panels for the pool on the roof.

Elegant, clean, white, up to date interiors.   Now that Forestville is on the top of the ‘family friendly’ list you may have to fight even for a main road house.

Final house in this series has just come on the market


404A Mona Vale Road, St Ives.   5 Beds, pool, lots of white and lots of rocks. Guide is $2.5M

Ignore the main road address this compound is set well back from the road.


This is another mid-century home gutted and given the ‘white treatment’  however with the proliferation of blue, brown and white rocks and pebbles it could work as a summer house for The Stark family .

Inside is white themed.   White pets only allowed.

The entrance & the outside has that stoney gravity.

Quite a distinctive style this house.   From an interior point of view you could easily inject colour inside without much trouble… maybe a bit more medieval with a few fox rugs ?

So there are Five Resort style homes for sale or auction this month.  They tend to be on the higher end of the SFH budget of $2.5M, mostly due to land size, although Seaforth and Forestville are good value.


All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 


Randwick – Two houses for One


6 George St, Randwick.   For Sale via McGraths.  Price Guide $2.8M

B.O.G.O.F.   Buy one get one Free.  Buy the Brick House get the Sandstone one for free.

Years ago Great Great Grandma Mary-Rachel ran out of money so she sold off a bit of the land, then other bit, then another. Before that the family owned all the ends of the street.  Now its a funny shape of land, very large in today’s terms, and the two cottages built for the family are still there.

This could be the reason for the odd shape of this property and the two different aged homes.    But let’s explore and see what could be done.  The leading image of the conservatory is completely enticing.  The land is huge but the house/s need an update.  Not too much.


There are some great elements in this room, but also some missing elements.  The ceiling is very plain, the light is plain, the TV looks like an uninvited guest along with the glass coffee table.   I suggest taking a design look at Vaucluse House and the colour schemes of pale sage, persimmon and cream,  along with some fantastic old italian geometric tiles.


Gabled roofed upper bedroom.  I ache for the potential to be reached in this unusual home.


Close-ups of expensive stoves get me all excited.   I may be horrified by the rest of the kitchen but you’ve got me a step closer with the stove.  Pity about the fluro light – my instagram dinners will need better lighting.


Hello down there!  if you climb up the Jacaranda tree you can see a long way.


A secret garden so close to the city.   Just over 7 kms to the CBD.

In summary,  love seeing these tucked away mash-up homes from different eras and this one, subject to a good building inspection, could be family history in the making.

Family Factor: the amount of exploring space for children is magical.  I would encourage fort building, tree houses and vegetables patches and lots of yelling ‘go play outside it’s a lovely day’.

If $2.8 M is the stretch in your budget then ditch the private school prices and go state. The Government high schools including Randwick Girls are very close.  New South Uni is the same suburb so you could see your prodigy at home for years with this location.




All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

Cheltenham – Mod Oz Glory

19 Norma Cres pool

19 Norma Crescent, Cheltenham.    This house is giving me such angst.  It’s so cool, so perfectly of the moment modern.  If it was a couple he would wear Fletcher Jones and she would wear Prue Acton and the kids would all wear corduroy.

For a perfect commentary on the architectural importance I recommend reading this entry on Modern House.  Also worth comparing the furniture and photography of the previous listing.   More Marimekko, Missoni and Bitossi involved.

No, the real angst is nothing to do with the house, nothing to do with the un-fenced pool (yet again) but could one live in Cheltenham?

19 Norma dining

19 Norma fireplace

19 Norma kitchen


19 Norma Cres tv room

19 Norma den

19 Norma bdroom

19 Norma bathroom

19 Norma patio

19 Norma Cres pool side

19 Norma plans




Roseville – Gingerbread Hamptons (Sold)


40 Trafalgar Avenue, Roseville.  No doubt this Arts & Craft gingerbread cottage has been remodelled extremely well in that fashionable Hamptons way.  It reeks of expensive candle scents,  a good use of the Dyson upright with hardly a stray cavoodle hair in sight.

It has almost 5 bedrooms, well, rich people are breeding a lot these days,  sign of being wealthy is more children than average.  One bedroom downstairs and the remaining 4 upstairs. Either the snorer stays downstairs or its used for the invalid in the family.  There is always someone sick who can’t get upstairs.  It would be thoughtful of this homeowner to always mention that.  “We can take care of Great Aunt Lizzy,  we have that bedroom downstairs you know.. so ideal for taking care of the old treasure.”

Dining rooms are a bit passe these days.  More relaxing rooms, media rooms and reading areas are better than cold, old dining suites.   I like the small afternoon tea area with giant orchid.

The kitchen is dated.  Needs that pale oaky floorboard look with bespoke exotic handles and giant octopus looking taps.   French-style which is Hamptonsy-looking as well.  Style is so interchangeable.

Auction on 27th August.  giddy-up.













KILLARA – Culture Luvvies (SOLD)

Presenting 1 Truscott Place, Killara NSW 2070 –  5 Beds, 1 spiral staircase and lots of tropical foliage.


Owned by one family I suspect they are ageing pre-boomers with culture running through their veins.   They embraced the open plan living before everyone and definitely travelled through Asia before Lonely Planet was even written.  You’ve got to admire a home with  travels souvenirs from countries now renamed and old posters from the Nimrod.

I would buy this house just to inhabit their lifestyle.

However, would have to put in a pool fence immediately.  Can’t tell you how many pools I visit with no fences.    However it would be awesome to install a slide from the top balcony into the pool.


Can you imagine the conversations around this fireplace?  I wonder if they had an election party in 1972?



Most florid quote from the blurb

With National Park as a neighbour you can ensure that the peace and tranquility along with the sweet songs of the local inhabitants will create an intimate connection with the outdoors and will enrich your lives for years to come.

The rosella’s will wake you in the morning, the bats eat your fruit at night and the possum’s will shake and rattle your roof.   The North Shore is great for that ‘intimate connection’ between nature and your home.


Fall straight from room to pool.  Where do they come up with those TV screen shots?

Note the Nimrod poster (I’d ask for this as a gift with purchase)


Stove-a-rama.  You can’t have enough hot plates.  The eat-in bench would have a pleasant morning view.

Bedrooms not well featured.  There is a tendency in this era to have small rooms with lots of built-ins.

As much as this is a perfect mid-century house with all the right tick button it is unfortunately in ‘the zone’ for Killara High School,  former school to underwear scion, Elle MacPherson, but now a hot spot for nerdy kids.  You will be battling zoners for this piece of modern lifestyle.


Truscott sat copy

Google Satellite image.  Lots of national park on doorway..  I would look at the car access as I’m not sure where the car entrance it located.

Truscott Drive

Google to work.  Work is set as Martin Place.  The train would take 50 mins.  Car leaving at 7:30am would take 26 – 30 mins.

Killara is 16 kilometres from the CBD

On the recent liveability index published by Domain.  All all about the trees.

84. Killara

The onetime home of famed architect Harry Seidler is the second most liveable suburb on the upper north shore. Killara is very well rated for its telecommunications coverage, culture, tree cover, train access, low crime rate and topographic variation. It receives average scores for just about everything else except buses with the stops quite spaced out.

So if you really love it, you’ve got to fight with the zoners.


West Pymble – Potential ReMod

In a mystery location in West Pymble with a mystery price (update price is 1.9) is this mid-century house.   I spy some multiple levels, pitched roofs and exposed brick.  I assume this house has not changed hands in many years . Its in need of modernising, well, updating so it looks mid-century again which is retro modernising I think.   It just reeks of potential.

Easy native garden on entry.  You can hear people arrive as they crunch through the pebbles


Oh dear.  Nothing mid-century here.  Is that a curtain at the top of the stairs?


Wood panelling and a geometric burgundy kitchen island, lino floors and a hanging witch.  Windows are great and lots of sunshine.  Could be so much better.  Gut it.

Just blah.

Main bedroom is bland but room looks well sized and could be easily updated.

w800-h600-2012826337_3_pi_160525_053318Full travertine bathroom. Will that ever come back?  (rhetorical. no)  This was always going to be a renovation of every room.


A-ha,  Lofty timberyness.  This is more mid century; even a paper ball lamp light.  I can smell the incense now.  This has retreat / rumpus room all over it.  Pity there is no floor plan so I can tell what is going on.  This is where I think the juice of the house is and is keeping me intrigued.


Back of house.  The levels look less cohesive but are they all original?  Nice deck chair position.  I like to look back at the hills hoist myself.  Solar panels always make me feel happy that someone else has done the hard work.


Gold.  The backyard is wide and spacious.  Lots of sun, grass and tress, including some funky palms and probably a cow there next to the pool.  Get rid of Hills Hoist and the cheesy stepping stones and this looks great.  Blurb says it’s north facing (the best).

There was no floor plan with this place so have to judge by the images.

Do you know this house, have you visited?  l love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.



Banksia – Pools & Baths

10 Oak Place, Banksia.   This suburb is on the secret list. It has a train station, is 5 minutes from the beach (well, Botany Bay), consists mainly of family homes and is 12kms from the CBD.  That’s the same as Chatswood or Roseville, but the prices are much cheaper.


Okay this picture is not great.  No character, very bare windows and balconies but I think a blank canvas is what you would call it.  A bit of greenery? different paint ?  But this is a 5 bedroom home with pool.  Okay there are some things you would need to change, so let me take you through.


Nice, a backyard, pool, some domed landing lights (hope the nearby airport is not confused), bit of grass and big balcony.  Now real estate agent says “Nothing to spend’ my initial challenge is ?  (drum roll..  how could the real-estate people say that)  where is the pool fence?  The pool needs a fence ! Right that’s 20k knocked off the price so far.


Okay, who’s going to do all the deck painting each summer?  Presentation could be better.  Furniture looks miniature on that large deck.


Modern with marble.  I know you don’t need to comment on the existing furniture but mm.. wonder if floor is under heated?   Can you spill cordial?  red wine?  my practical mother-brain is wary.

Where are the window treatments (that’s design talk for curtains and blinds)  right, another thing to do.


Nice use of expensive green water bottles.


Saved the best till last..    I have no beef with baths in bedrooms… but is that just a bit too close to the splash range?  and sinks next to the bed?  While one brushes their teeth the other could suffer from toothpaste splat.  It a half bathroom /half bedroom and they look uncomfortable together.

Maybe they had too many arguments in this room.  Washing, brushing, wetting the nice sheets, make bath necessary noises.   No, that fourth wall should be there.  Water privacy.

So overall, the house has some good elements but Mrs Pratical smells a rat.  I would need to spend money on this house, contrary to the house blurb, and it’s all to do with water.  Pool fence & bathroom walls.

Do you know this house, have you visited?  l love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment.