Cammeray – 80s Geo Shapes


Huey Lewis and the News is blaring out of the B&O music system, the cell phone rings and it’s my stock broker telling me Quintex is tanking, I take a swig of Corona beer and think of my next holiday in Port Douglas, I’ll be flying Ansett this time and using their Golden Wing Club lounge. Left my diners club card there last time after buying some art works.’

You can feel the lure of new technology and the influence of Memphis style in this 80’s 3 bed home, offered for the first time since its last sale in 1991 (for $345,000).   4 Carter St, Cammeray.  It appears to have been rented out for much of the time and this update along with all white styled furniture allows the great backdrop of carved Sydney rock to look like a tropical hothouse.  Its lush and cool and totally modern.

But let’s take off our 80’s love affair glasses and really look at this property.


Open plan, lofts, mezzanines and the bedrooms are all downstairs .  Those windows to the left are facing north.


I like the separate kitchen.  It takes cooking noises and smells away from the relaxing areas.



As mentioned all three bedrooms are downstairs.  Stylist Megan Morton suggests rooms with a minimum width of 4 metres can take a King Sized bed.  This appears to be the main room and measures 3.3 x 5.1.  Tick for King Size.

How do you access those upper cupboards?


Top Floor/ Mezzanine/ Media room.  Has a ship feel crossed with a tree house.


I love a good photoshopped sky


Bit of part-time rock climbing ?

Great use of every inch of space as this house is tucked down a driveway and built into a rock enclosure.


In amongst all those federation homes, this is just beautifully simple.  A real pleasure to see this unusual modern house.   The grey colour is a perfect choice.

Now looking carefully, the car port to the right belongs to the front house (No 4a  Carter st).  The driveway is shared right up to this front door. (see the plans for 4A below).  This could be a problem but the clever design of the house means all the living is concealed from the driveway.


4A Carter Street, which is the house in front, sold in September 2104 for $1.615.  Here are the plans.  Note the cars at the back, this is the carport you can see in the above photo
4A carter
Google points out all the right places.  ‘About Life’  is nearby.  I wonder if they stock fresh turmeric?
Cammeray sat J
For Sale via Auction on Thursday August 25th. Estimate?  $1.4-5M
 *  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  All corrections and experiences of this house are welcome. Please comment below.