Blakehurst – Party out of Bounds


215 Stuart St, Blakehurst –


Just wait..  get to the interior shots


Are you impressed by the waterfront picture?  Wait, this is not about it being a waterfront house.   I’ll just leave all the interior shots for you to enjoy.   You just need to know it was built in 1962 and is currently for sale.







The best description of this house is here at Modernist Australia

Thanks to Sarah at Pink Flamingo for alerting me to this party house.





Sutherland – Pet Rock included


Presenting – 29 Bunbury Ave, Sutherland.   4 beds, off street parking, no visible signs of any grass backyard.  30 kilometres from City.

Walls of glass, balconies and bushy landscapes along with a northerly aspect is Sydney lifestyle gold.

One of the reasons for this website is the whole truth is never revealed by the real estate agents.  You are presented with beautifully lit photos of a house but it’s never the same when you visit. Things look smaller or some rooms, like the kitchen, are not in the original bunch of photos.   You wonder what they are omitting, always wonder what you can’t see and why they are selling.

These photos are stunning.  An incredibly unusual house with lots of architectural appeal.   The blurb says it is made of recycled materials.  I love the impact of the brick fireplace through the house.

Just a fantastic space, this open lounge area.


This is a great Sydney feature.  If you can’t move the rock, encorporate it in the house.  Very 70s.  Like a giant pet rock in your dining area.


A great 60’s / 70s modern look to this room.  The curve of the fireplace, the laddered shelf system and elegant sparse furniture.  Another great room.



Bedroom 2 or 3 or 4.


Main Bedroom.


Kitchen.   Up to date.   Would prefer the sink on the window side.


Views are incredible.  A great mix of homes, waterways and bush.  Great for watching approaching bushfires.


The video for this home, shows mostly bush for the garden, no lawns, but with a shed for woodchopping.  Looks like you have a lot of wood to chop

29 Bunbury JPB.jpg

Snapshot of google street view.  House looks quite ordinary from the street.  Off street parking seems obvious.  Just remember to put on the handbrake each night.

So what can you not see here?




Only one bedroom has full walls and a door.

Do you know this house or visited ?






Mona Vale – or is it Byron Bay ?

w1200-h800-2012940267_2_pi_160720_063951107 Barranjoey Road, Mona Vale . (3 beds, 2 bath, 3 cars or 1 car and a really big boat)  woops yes, it’s on a main road but someone has to live here.   Let’s focus on the balcony and all those lovely palm trees.  Oh, and look, a view.

We are looking at this property as a potential bargain from a weird Sydney money point of view that is.


Maybe built a very tall tree house to enjoy it even more.


Feels tropical & holiday-like.


Basic.  Nothing offensive here just needs a bit more oomph.  No brown furniture prehaps.


Saddle up and enjoy the kitchen island.


This has such potential.  It has everything, from wardrobes to ceiling fans.


Bit of grass and blue sky and all’s right with the world.  A hot tub here could be perfect.

107 Barranjoey Rd

Reality strikes.  Main road with difficult driveway.  However, there are few bargains in Sydney so this could be one.


Sales Data

  • $895,000 SOLD  Oct 2013
  • $707,500 SOLD Oct 2007
  • $375,000 SOLD Mar 2001

Built 1960 (this could be a default year)

Land size 600m2

Do you know this house?  please share your thoughts and experiences of either this house or nearby.



Turramurra – Surprise extras (SOLD)


Presenting – 57 Bobbin Head Road, Turramurra (click address for link to Domain)

Major points for the entrance.  Well presented.  Watch you don’t reverse the car too much.
The Upper North Shore has a few elements unique to this part of the city, glorious bush views with multiple entertainment balconies and north facing as well.  One of the big tick boxes in real-estate is a north facing aspect.  Face all your family rooms this way and you’ll enjoy a warm and sunny home.


The lounge, kitchen, dining flow nicely.  It’s not a lofty open space but a nice balance with open and walled rooms.  Are we over the huge combined lounge/ dining/ kitchen?   Nice, clean kitchen – It would never look like this again if I lived here.


This BBQ balcony is the kinder surprise gift of this house.I love an unexpected element, something you would never put in yourself but love if it was mysteriously added, like in a renovation show.  A BBQ balcony with three wine fridges?  hello boozy parties at home.  Pick the herbs right next to the bbq and no dirty dishes come into the house courtesy of a sink and is that a dishwasher at the end ?  so thoughtful.


Normal looking lounge, but great outdoor views.  Good clean blinds.  Looks of well thought out elements in this home.  Has it been styled or are they stylish? I think the latter.


The loungey balcony.  Wonder how they keep the mozzies under control?  do they have one of those zapper things like at the kebab shop? Is that screen hiding something?  maybe the neighbours are too close.


More outdoor space.  This cabana is perfect, just missing a pool or spa.  It faces north and would be perfect in the cooler months for capturing sun. The pre-schooler will fall off the sides, actually I would fall off the side after a few drinky poos.  Did Kuringai council approve that ?


Bit of grass, always get us excited as the kids can play ‘rolling disease’ on it.  Superb almost uninterrupted wall of bush  All you need is the sound of currawongs and cockatoos and its bush in the city.   Must ask if bush burn-back is up to date, oh and if insurance covers bushfire.  

This is the best house of the week.

Do you know this house?  please leave some comments.