Randwick – Two houses for One


6 George St, Randwick.   For Sale via McGraths.  Price Guide $2.8M

B.O.G.O.F.   Buy one get one Free.  Buy the Brick House get the Sandstone one for free.

Years ago Great Great Grandma Mary-Rachel ran out of money so she sold off a bit of the land, then other bit, then another. Before that the family owned all the ends of the street.  Now its a funny shape of land, very large in today’s terms, and the two cottages built for the family are still there.

This could be the reason for the odd shape of this property and the two different aged homes.    But let’s explore and see what could be done.  The leading image of the conservatory is completely enticing.  The land is huge but the house/s need an update.  Not too much.


There are some great elements in this room, but also some missing elements.  The ceiling is very plain, the light is plain, the TV looks like an uninvited guest along with the glass coffee table.   I suggest taking a design look at Vaucluse House and the colour schemes of pale sage, persimmon and cream,  along with some fantastic old italian geometric tiles.


Gabled roofed upper bedroom.  I ache for the potential to be reached in this unusual home.


Close-ups of expensive stoves get me all excited.   I may be horrified by the rest of the kitchen but you’ve got me a step closer with the stove.  Pity about the fluro light – my instagram dinners will need better lighting.


Hello down there!  if you climb up the Jacaranda tree you can see a long way.


A secret garden so close to the city.   Just over 7 kms to the CBD.

In summary,  love seeing these tucked away mash-up homes from different eras and this one, subject to a good building inspection, could be family history in the making.

Family Factor: the amount of exploring space for children is magical.  I would encourage fort building, tree houses and vegetables patches and lots of yelling ‘go play outside it’s a lovely day’.

If $2.8 M is the stretch in your budget then ditch the private school prices and go state. The Government high schools including Randwick Girls are very close.  New South Uni is the same suburb so you could see your prodigy at home for years with this location.




All images courtesy of Domain.  All opinions and conclusions are my own.  Any experiences or extra information on any of these houses would be welcomed. 

Queens Park – Nino in the 90s

44A Queens Park Road, Queens Park NSW 2022

Unusual to see an Eastern Suburbs house in a prime suburb  (not a pretend suburb like Matraville) using the For Sale system.   That’s because, despite the undoubtably important Architect,  this house is out of fashion.  It’s the wrong modern.  Everyon

You can read about the architect Nino Sydney here .  His Beachcomber house, which is the old modern that is the right modern for now is in demand.  This house, incidentally designed for his daughter Maya, has all his classic features.  Cars are ground level, living is upper level.

The house is badly styled which doesn’t help when it is already unpopular. The position is terrific.  North facing living areas, three car garage (some could be storage space) and lane way access to Queens Park.   My tip, this is a bargain.  It’s not the the worst house it’s just the wrong house for now.

For Sale via Phillips Pantzer Donnelley.












Bondi – You got me at the tiles


Presenting 311 Old South Head Road, BONDI.  3 Beds, two baths, one loft, no parking (will this be a deal breaker?) and amazing use of tiles.

Main road houses usually put one off, but with this clean looking semi-detached terrace, its actual entrance is behind on Simpson street so the living is oriented to this quiet street.

It is halfway to Bellevue Hill so not in the catchment for Bondi Public and its healthy living canteen (admired by sugarless loving Sarah Wilson).  Although check with the official school zone site and don’t take the pre-loaded website for an answer.

Panning out from the kitchen the high ceiling and loft come into view.  I can see ourselves dragging sand and scooters into the house while we make post-surf green smoothies.


Clear dining chairs are popular in small spaces. If you want more storage look into using the stair space.


This area faces Simpson street and north is too the left.  It really saves the awfulness of being on a main road.


Too distracted by another set of fab tiles to see the useful cupboard space.  Extra points for the ensuite.  This room does face the main road so look at the noise levels.


Cute, nice, clean.


Price range.   Changed from 1.6 – 1.65  to 1.7 over the last few days meaning it’s popular. Surprisingly it’s FOR SALE, not auction.

Link to old sales data

Liveability  Ranked 39 – 164 depending on which part of Bondi you inhabit.

Simpson J

I like a realistic photo especially taken on garbage night.