Bondi – You got me at the tiles


Presenting 311 Old South Head Road, BONDI.  3 Beds, two baths, one loft, no parking (will this be a deal breaker?) and amazing use of tiles.

Main road houses usually put one off, but with this clean looking semi-detached terrace, its actual entrance is behind on Simpson street so the living is oriented to this quiet street.

It is halfway to Bellevue Hill so not in the catchment for Bondi Public and its healthy living canteen (admired by sugarless loving Sarah Wilson).  Although check with the official school zone site and don’t take the pre-loaded website for an answer.

Panning out from the kitchen the high ceiling and loft come into view.  I can see ourselves dragging sand and scooters into the house while we make post-surf green smoothies.


Clear dining chairs are popular in small spaces. If you want more storage look into using the stair space.


This area faces Simpson street and north is too the left.  It really saves the awfulness of being on a main road.


Too distracted by another set of fab tiles to see the useful cupboard space.  Extra points for the ensuite.  This room does face the main road so look at the noise levels.


Cute, nice, clean.


Price range.   Changed from 1.6 – 1.65  to 1.7 over the last few days meaning it’s popular. Surprisingly it’s FOR SALE, not auction.

Link to old sales data

Liveability  Ranked 39 – 164 depending on which part of Bondi you inhabit.

Simpson J

I like a realistic photo especially taken on garbage night.