KILLARA – Culture Luvvies (SOLD)

Presenting 1 Truscott Place, Killara NSW 2070 –  5 Beds, 1 spiral staircase and lots of tropical foliage.


Owned by one family I suspect they are ageing pre-boomers with culture running through their veins.   They embraced the open plan living before everyone and definitely travelled through Asia before Lonely Planet was even written.  You’ve got to admire a home with  travels souvenirs from countries now renamed and old posters from the Nimrod.

I would buy this house just to inhabit their lifestyle.

However, would have to put in a pool fence immediately.  Can’t tell you how many pools I visit with no fences.    However it would be awesome to install a slide from the top balcony into the pool.


Can you imagine the conversations around this fireplace?  I wonder if they had an election party in 1972?



Most florid quote from the blurb

With National Park as a neighbour you can ensure that the peace and tranquility along with the sweet songs of the local inhabitants will create an intimate connection with the outdoors and will enrich your lives for years to come.

The rosella’s will wake you in the morning, the bats eat your fruit at night and the possum’s will shake and rattle your roof.   The North Shore is great for that ‘intimate connection’ between nature and your home.


Fall straight from room to pool.  Where do they come up with those TV screen shots?

Note the Nimrod poster (I’d ask for this as a gift with purchase)


Stove-a-rama.  You can’t have enough hot plates.  The eat-in bench would have a pleasant morning view.

Bedrooms not well featured.  There is a tendency in this era to have small rooms with lots of built-ins.

As much as this is a perfect mid-century house with all the right tick button it is unfortunately in ‘the zone’ for Killara High School,  former school to underwear scion, Elle MacPherson, but now a hot spot for nerdy kids.  You will be battling zoners for this piece of modern lifestyle.


Truscott sat copy

Google Satellite image.  Lots of national park on doorway..  I would look at the car access as I’m not sure where the car entrance it located.

Truscott Drive

Google to work.  Work is set as Martin Place.  The train would take 50 mins.  Car leaving at 7:30am would take 26 – 30 mins.

Killara is 16 kilometres from the CBD

On the recent liveability index published by Domain.  All all about the trees.

84. Killara

The onetime home of famed architect Harry Seidler is the second most liveable suburb on the upper north shore. Killara is very well rated for its telecommunications coverage, culture, tree cover, train access, low crime rate and topographic variation. It receives average scores for just about everything else except buses with the stops quite spaced out.

So if you really love it, you’ve got to fight with the zoners.