Blakehurst – Party out of Bounds


215 Stuart St, Blakehurst –


Just wait..  get to the interior shots


Are you impressed by the waterfront picture?  Wait, this is not about it being a waterfront house.   I’ll just leave all the interior shots for you to enjoy.   You just need to know it was built in 1962 and is currently for sale.







The best description of this house is here at Modernist Australia

Thanks to Sarah at Pink Flamingo for alerting me to this party house.





Hurlstone Park – Happy Boxes


13 Floss St Hurlstone Park  NSW 2193

Well, this is unexpected.  An older cottage has been blown up by colour at the back.  Hurlstone  Park has a train station and is one stop away from Dulwich Hill, the cool inner west suburb.

With 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and slightly close to the train lines this innovative cottage could be in the $1M mark.  Cheap for Sydney.

I like the balance between the new and old sections although I would calm the contrast down a little.

In all if this house was in any other part of Sydney it would be twice the price.  Maybe buy it and move it?









West Pymble – Potential ReMod

In a mystery location in West Pymble with a mystery price (update price is 1.9) is this mid-century house.   I spy some multiple levels, pitched roofs and exposed brick.  I assume this house has not changed hands in many years . Its in need of modernising, well, updating so it looks mid-century again which is retro modernising I think.   It just reeks of potential.

Easy native garden on entry.  You can hear people arrive as they crunch through the pebbles


Oh dear.  Nothing mid-century here.  Is that a curtain at the top of the stairs?


Wood panelling and a geometric burgundy kitchen island, lino floors and a hanging witch.  Windows are great and lots of sunshine.  Could be so much better.  Gut it.

Just blah.

Main bedroom is bland but room looks well sized and could be easily updated.

w800-h600-2012826337_3_pi_160525_053318Full travertine bathroom. Will that ever come back?  (rhetorical. no)  This was always going to be a renovation of every room.


A-ha,  Lofty timberyness.  This is more mid century; even a paper ball lamp light.  I can smell the incense now.  This has retreat / rumpus room all over it.  Pity there is no floor plan so I can tell what is going on.  This is where I think the juice of the house is and is keeping me intrigued.


Back of house.  The levels look less cohesive but are they all original?  Nice deck chair position.  I like to look back at the hills hoist myself.  Solar panels always make me feel happy that someone else has done the hard work.


Gold.  The backyard is wide and spacious.  Lots of sun, grass and tress, including some funky palms and probably a cow there next to the pool.  Get rid of Hills Hoist and the cheesy stepping stones and this looks great.  Blurb says it’s north facing (the best).

There was no floor plan with this place so have to judge by the images.

Do you know this house, have you visited?  l love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.



Collaroy – Family Compound (SOLD)

Collaroy @ Sydney Family Homes

Presenting – 36 Cliff Road, Collaroy.  4 beds, 2 parking.  22 kms to CBD


Modern, give me Modern, put a random chain out the front, lots of pebbles and I’m practically moving in.

I love a compound.  Ever since I head the phrase ‘Family Compound’ spoken about the Kennedy family’s Hyannis Port beach home, I thought, class, money, privilege, and what all good political Catholics need – a family compound.  Here in the ‘Jesus was a Surfer’ part  of Sydney is a mid-century pool side entertaining God-wants-me-to-be-a-politician home.  Failing that just enjoy being near the beach.


Lots of brick, glass, and concrete, and a port hole.  Where is the pool fence? Do people not read that toddlers drown in a back yard pool?   What council is responsible here ?

Back to the imaginary re-design.   Pick an era..   Palm Springs pool side comes to mind and get a good decorator to tone down the mixed colours.


How to use the whole block well.  All living areas face North.  Far enough away from the beach not to worry about coastal erosion.  Maybe in fifty years you will have a waterfront.


The ceiling to the outside has that bunker look.  Kitchen is that dreadful orange timber colour. Not a fan of terracotta tiles.  Concrete would be perfect. I’d make the whole thing one colour with black or grey trim on the doors and window frames and fill the house with mid-centure modern furniture.  Doesn’t have to be original, could be a Matt Blatt bulk deal.


Funky den looking lounge with fireplace.  Flokati rug and afghan hound required.


Unassuming box frontage.  Have included the floor plans with this post so you can enjoy seeing the 3 little bedrooms tucked at the end of the house.  I’m all for giving small rooms to the kids.  Don’t want them hanging around at 35.  Most studious child get bedroom number 2.  Lots of courtyards and a bonus office.   4 bedrooms all up.

36 Cliff Road Collaroy-Floor Plan

Always good to check the google satellite map.


An hour to the city by bus or 33 minutes by car (according to Google maps)

Collaroy to CBD


Do you know this house, have you visited?  l love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment.